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Tango Workshops with Mimi Santapa 7-9-2011 Gainesville, Florida USA

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Mimi Santapa and El Stevito de Gainesville

WHEN; Saturday, July 9, 2011, 1pm-6pm
WHAT: Tango workshops with Mimi Santapa from Buenos Aires
WHERE: Club Pavadita, 308-B W. University Ave., Gainesville, Florida, 32601
HOW MUCH: see below
HOW TO REGISTER: see below

After her workshops in Tallahassee, (, Mimi Santapa, a world renowned tango educator and friend of Florida, will be with us in Gainesville on Saturday, July 9, 2011. We have five one hour slots available between 1pm-6pm to do the following:

Mimi will teach any tango-related topic you desire her to teach for an hour to a group of one or more attendees. The topics include but are not limited to:

– The anatomy of a performance
– Mimi’s concept of tango structure (posture, axis, elegance)
– Exercises to develop good posture
– How to do ochos with elegance
– Lapiz and enrosque
– Develop strength in your giros
– How to walk with elegance
– Elements of axis, force and energy
– Characteristics of tango, vals, milonga
– Use of cruzadas and double time
– Dancing an organic calecita + variations
– How to develop relaxation in the body and shoulders
– Introduction to tango


Since possible topics are many, we decided to offer you the way to design your own workshop (pick one topic from the list above or add your own), reserve an hour (between 1 and 6 pm starting on full hour), recruit a group of like-minded (or not), and let us know what you want by posting a response to this event (or, less preferably, by messaging Dubravko Kakarigi). In case your desired time slot is already taken, find another – act quickly for best choices.


Groups of 1-6 attendees: $100/hour for the group; $15/hour for each additional attendee.


We trust that by announcing your desired study hour with Mimi you will honor it if we can offer it to you. No additional formalities are needed.

Mimi will be with us at the milonga – we hope we will see her dancing a demo or two.