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‘Grand Finale Last Ever’ Tango Pavadita Sat Nov 24/25, 2012

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On November 24 we will have our ‘Grand Finale Last Ever’ Regional Pavadita as Elke and Dubravko start packing up to move to Berlin for their next big adventure next summer. Everyone thanks them for sponsoring nearly 75 milongas over the past 2 years in Gainesville. (Stay tuned for further announcements about tango in Gainesville.)

DJ ‘Train’: We will have several guest DJ’s each playing their 6 favorite tandas for about 1 hour each, back-to-back all night. Enjoy your favs played by Andrea, Gordon, Nick and David.

PRACTICA: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm (informal, unstructured, lights up) Carlos Di Sarli music at 8:00 pm (folks are welcome to come in and hang out, dance, practice, chat – whatever). Any new people will get a free intro lesson so they can dance tonight.

MILONGA: from 9:00 pm – 12:30 am. (lights go down and serious Tango music starts.)

Saturday NIght DJ’s:

Gordon Erlebacher: 9-10
Andrea Pham: 10-11
Nick Hostettler: 11-12
David Chayes: 12-1

Elke will be presenting some special yummy culinary inspired awards for certain guests of Tango Pavadita on Nov 24th:

Like: Most Attending, Furthest Traveled, etc and many specialty categories. Elke loves to give prizes and cook yummies, so there could be an awful lot of prizes!

We are also preparing a very special brunch/practica/workshop on Sunday, Nov 25, with a surprise program.

SUNDAY BRUNCH/PRACTICA: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Yummy healthy foods by Elke. Everyone bring Thanksgiving leftovers if you have any. At 11:00 we will have Brunch and a Video.

Then we will have 3 short 30 minute specialty Master Classes by local teachers discussing their favorite techniques: David&Thuy, Gordon&Wanda, Dubravko&Elke; and
and then we will all dance!

Don’t miss it!

Invite your non-Tango friends who might be interested to come watch for FREE!

Come early for Free easy parking on the East side street and
underneath the East side portico,

(Note: We now also have FREE parking in the West side Seagle Building parking lot. Pick up a parking pass in the lobby and put it in your car window.)

308-B W. University Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601

MILONGA: $10 / $5 students
BRUNCH/PRACTICA: $10 / $5 students

For more information contact ‘El Stevito’ Steve Littler

Happy Tangoing until then! … Stevito

Team Pavadita
Dubravko, Elke, Steve, Sarah