ARGENTINE TANGO In Gainesville, Florida Papirusa Studio with Andrea Pham

Andrea at Los Dinzels Studio in Buenos Aires

  • Ever wanted to learn this sensual, sultry dance, declared by UNESCO the cultural heritage of the world?
  • Ever wanted to immerge yourself in the beautiful music, and move as one with your partner?
  • Ever wanted to improve your tango and elevate it to the next level, which allows you to improvise to your partner’s heartbeat?

COME, even with two left feet, TO HAVE FUN WITH US! No partner needed.

Wednesday Nights:

TANGO FOR BEGINNERS: New Class Starting Oct 9, 2013. 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday evenings throughout the year.

8:15 – 9:30 pm: regular tango class.

9:30 – 10:00 pm: practice time

Andrea Pham teaches classes every Wednesday evening. For information, email:


Andrea has been seriously devoted to tango since 2001 and has taught tango in Gainesville since 2006. Her regular training is mainly from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Nijmegen, Netherlands at prominent and influential schools. She dances as both leader and follower. As an instructor she emphasizes manners, fundamental techniques, connection and musicality. She teaches regular classes on Wednesday and  is also a Tango DJ.


4 Responses to “ARGENTINE TANGO In Gainesville, Florida Papirusa Studio with Andrea Pham”

  1. Nijmegen, eh? That would Be Eric Jorissen at Tango El Corte. One of my all-time favorite teachers (and he throws a mean New Year’s eve Party). Anyone who studied at Tango El Corte has a really great credential.

  2. Nijmegen, eh? That would be Eric Jorissen at Tango el Corte. Great teacher, and throws a mean New year’s Eve party.Anyone who learned from Eric has a great credential!

    • openhorizonsteve Says:

      Welcome to Florida! It is great to have an experienced teacher in Jacksonville now. We love Eric in Nijmegen! Abrazos! ~ El Stevito

      • I hope you can make it to Jacksonville for our Friday milonga on March 1st. We are really into community – building, and actively supporting other teachers. We look forward to attending events in Gainsville.

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